The Skyline View : Editorial: How self-efficacy can help you

It is often said that anything worth having in life will not come easily. Post high school, we all come to terms with this universal truth in one of two ways: It comes to define our journey through life, or it is the excuse we give ourselves to justify our failures. College is one such goal. No one ever said it would be easy to balance 15 units of course work while working over 30 hours a week, often while trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. But it is our outlook on the situation

The Skyline View : Variety of martial arts programs would be a welcome addition

Though Skyline hosts a wide variety of sport activities for its students, differing from semester to semester, some additions could be made for the benefit of the student body. For example, martial arts. It is not unheard of for colleges to have established martial arts courses for their students, and there is a history of such courses evolving and moving into a competitive field given enough time and resources. San Jose State University (SJSU) has had a Judo team tracing back to 60 years on ca

The Skyline View : Higher education and Chile

Following years of widespread public strikes from its student population, Chile has made the monumental decision to make all higher education free by increasing the taxes of corporations. Sounds like an amazing idea, right? If it is such a great idea, why aren’t we following this model in the United States? To put it simply, we have the wrong people in Congress to allow for such an amazingly brilliant idea to come to fruition. We have “experienced” (a polite way of saying elderly, in all honest

The Skyline View : Editorial: The supreme court and same-sex marriage

The United States Supreme Court is scheduled to begin discussions regarding the status of same-sex marriages throughout the country, and while such unions are legal in the majority of America, there are still states that will not recognize them. As of the beginning of the year, there are a total of 36 states in the U.S. that have legalized marriages between same-sex couples. In other words, 72 percent of our country recognizes that marriages between gay and lesbian couples are legal and protec

The Skyline View : Stanford athlete arrested under suspicion of rape

A Stanford athlete’s arrest is a prime reminder that athletes, even exemplary ones, are still capable of being less than human. Brock Allen Turner, a supposed star for the Stanford swim team, has been arrested in connection to the raping of an unconscious woman on the morning of Jan. 18. Turner, who was detained by two cyclists while trying to flee the scene of the crime, has since withdrawn as a student of Stanford and has no lasting connections to the college. To add insult to injury, Turner